About Us

On July 6, 1994, 14 firefighters died while fighting the South Canyon Fire on Storm King Mountain in Colorado.

Storm King Mountain Technologies founder Jim Roth’s 29 year old brother Roger was among them.

Our Story

Creating live-saving technology to prevent future loss of lives, Jim Roth developed the Fire Barrier Curtain. Using his background in aerospace engineering, Roth determined that the equipment his brother had used to protect himself from the fire hadn’t been effective enough. That’s when he created his company, Storm King Mountain Technologies, and launched the Fire Barrier Curtain, a product that provides protection for the “weak spots” of a fire engine in the event of a wildfire.

Roger Roth after a practice jump

Jim Roth Founder of Storm King Mountain

The Fire Barrier Curtain is composed of four layers: a reflective layer, a thermal insulation core layer, a second reflective layer, and a Nomex layer that can be fitted around the fire engine’s windows with hook and loop fasteners. Each curtain is held in place rolled up and stowed with mechanical fasteners. Storm King Mountain Technologies’ products are giving firefighters the best protection possible and peace of mind. Storm King Mountain Technologies takes pride in developing products that keep firefighters safe in all seasons.

The South Canyon Fire

Remembering The South Canyon Fire on Storm King Mountain in Colorado

In memory of Roger Roth

Roger Roth, Smokejumper packing out

Jim Roth’s Profile

Jim has solid background in engineering, business development, sales and marketing, with strong emphasis in developing new products into a profitable product-line. Experienced with growing small, innovative companies to gain major market share. Hands-on engineering knowledge in the areas of aerospace, industrial machinery, and firefighting equipment. Interested in long term growth, developing strategic business plans, formulating sales teams and cost controls. Jim likes to do trail runs, and fly airplanes in his spare time.