Fire Barrier Curtains

Keeping citizens safe is the top priority for firefighters and technologies like the Fire Barrier Curtain allows rescue personnel to protect themselves as well.

Launched in 1999, ourFire Barrier Curtain is made of multiple layers of aluminum that provide burn protection on fire engines, bulldozers, water tankers, and other fire safety equipment. The curtain is held in place and can withstand 50 mile per hour (80 Km/h) winds, safeguarding firefighters from the harshest elements.

Within 20 seconds of deploying the Fire Barrier Curtain, you and your crew will have an additional safety refuge from flames. Simply deploy the Fire Barrier Curtain by pulling on the reflective tabs and align the curtains edges with hook and loop located in your vehicle. Their ability to handle heat and flames make this product an invaluable safety addition for your crew.

video courtesy of The Los Angeles County Fire Department

Made to last for over 15 years, every custom-made fire curtain is designed foreach model vehicle. The fire curtain kits contain the curtains, mounting fasteners, flame-resistant hook and loop closures, hold up straps and adhesive primer for installation. All our materials are made in the USA with final curtain assembly sometimes done locally within a two-week manufacturing lead-time.

We recommend a monthly drill on the vehicle to make firefighters aware of proper deployment procedures and an inspection of the fire barrier curtains which is crucial during brush fire season. They should be inspected for any rips, tears, loose hook and loop or other problems. Most fire curtains can be easily repaired and returned to service at nominal charge.

Fire Barrier Curtain Specifications

Storm King Mountain™ listened to our customer’s needs for a robust, thermal insulating material that could handle direct flames in wildfires. We developed a product that is non-respirable and has a service temperature of 1,100°C (2,000°F).

Product Testing

Our fire curtain products are designed for both radiant and convective heat environments. They are the first products designed for firefighters’ protection in wildfire conditions. The Storm King Mountain™ fire curtains are made to handle the direct flame contact of fast-moving flame fronts with no burn through of the material in heat flux conditions of 85 kW/M2/second and temperatures up to 1,100°C (2,000°F) for up to 5 minutes. The Storm King Mountain™ fire curtains and enclosures give firefighters another choice when it comes to surviving a burnover which is to stay in the vehicle. Our products undergo rigorous flame tests, maintaining International Standards Organization (ISO), the Australian CSIRO, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Storm King Mountain™ standards.