First Responder Multiuse Gowns


We hope this is a temporary situation.


Our first responder gown has been an “emergency” project for us to help support local first responders, (fire departments, EMS, ambulance services) who are not able to get new PPE gowns. They are going thru many of the lightweight Tyvek type single use, disposable gowns that they normally use. Our people took on the project and our gowns started being tested by a local fire department on Friday, April 3rd on all shifts and multiple locations to understand better how we use a multi-use gown which needs to be cleaned after each incident.

Here is what we are doing and working on with our local fire department members:

The gown design:

  1. The gown material is a 4-mil thick clear polyethylene plastic like thick industrial plastic bags.
  2. It is made from virgin plastic and has not been made from recycled plastics.
  3. We make it from rolls or sheets of material and cut it flat using our pattern for the gown.
  4. One size fits all at this time.
  5. The material is cut from a pattern which includes sleeve arms, a hole for the persons head to fit into it and back ties to make it secure in the persons back.
  6. These gowns/smocks cover around the neck, have sleeves with thumb holes, secure with two side ties in the back and reach below the knees.
  7. We will also provide you the same plastic material in a 2-inch wide strip that can be fashioned into a front tied belt that goes around the waist.
  8. Our gown is manufactured, folded and sent in a box of 100 units.
  9. They are not assembled in a sterile environment. These are gowns not for a hospital emergency clean room; these are for our people on the street. 
  10. Our assembly people are screened, using masks and gloves for all operations.
  11. We are performing this service on a best effort, emergency basis to give our first responders protection NOW.
  12. We need a letter of intent or purchase order for the quantity needed; first come first served.
  13. The current price today is $9.50 each or $950 per box of 100 gowns.
  14. We are making them in our facility in Camarillo, CA


Operational issues are:

  1. This gown does not have approvals; we are making it available as is for first responders that need protection.
  2. This product could be worn on multiple incidents (10-30 times) and we need to figure out how you handle them after contact, clean them, dry and recycle them back into service.
    • a. Some fire departments are thinking that a solution of 10 parts water and 1 part bleach will sanitize the gown.  We have not found any material issues with this treatment.
    • b. Probably decontamination and sanitizing would be better at the incident if time and conditions allow.
  1. I’m sure there are other issues and concerns so let’s discuss them.  Please, let me know how many your department might need during this difficult time. 

    Be safe out there!

  1. Waivers:  We are performing this service on a best effort, emergency basis to give our first responders protection.  They are not assembled in a sterile environment. These are not for use in a hospital surgery room.  Warning regarding use of these gowns to be provided to each user.  These gowns have not been tested for effectiveness, and there is no guarantee that these gowns will provide protection against hazardous conditions, including but not limited to, viral or bacterial infections.

    Customer acknowledges the following Warranty disclaimer and agrees to indemnify Storm King Mountain for any damages or injury that may result from the use of these gowns.