Storm King Mountain™ Flame Testing:

Our products undergo extensive testing in our Storm King Mountain™ flame test. The lab’s flame gun, which is half-flamethrower and half-blowtorch, provides steady heat fluxes of 85kW/m at around of 4.6 m/sec (15 ft/sec), impacting the test material with flames in an area 20 cm (8 in.) in diameter. These convective and radiant heating conditions are not unrealistic for a wildland fire impacting on a vehicle. After running this test for 5 minutes, there was no burn through of our fire curtain material and the back, cool side temperature was under 300 C (500° F). In our Storm King Mountain™ flame test on glass windows, the glass failed in less than 1.5 minutes into the test. There was no burn through of our thermal insulating material during or after completing this test.

In field fire shelter testing

Fire engine window glass testing

Quality Materials

Our Storm King Mountain™ material includes layers utilizing reflective material combined with high temperature insulation. This reduces the amount of energy and heat transferred while providing lightweight, flame-resistant curtains. Their low weight also allows the curtains to be stowed in a small area, providing better visibility for firefighters. The highly reflective, weatherproof outer layer provides effective protection from sun, rain and wind, as well as a fire barrier. All hook and loop materials are flame-resistant. These products are designed for years of use by firefighters.

Country Fire Authority Investigation Into Thermal Radiation Curtain Materials

video courtesy of The Country Fire Authority Victoria, Australia and CSIRO